Thursday, March 17, 2011

The birth of Guudwagon...Social Entrepeneurism is a van.

OK, the main problem that The Waiverly Projects have been having is transportation.  There is so much to do and MARTA just is not cutting it.  As ideas often do, when we thought about getting a vehicle, the idea evolved.
We have begun a number of initiatives in the past year and a lot of them have worked and some have failed or stagnated, mostly for want of transportation.  Recently, we have begun to get involved in the food cart battle here in Atlanta, with the thought of doing something like that, along with Winnie Mae's as a stand alone restaurant.  
So, we thought of Guudwagon (working title).  There are so many things that we can do with a little movement and so many more things we can bring to life. 
We have been collecting/recycling cans, but getting them to and fro is a bit of a hassle...Guudwagon.

We have been collecting garbage and yard waste for composting, but getting it around has been a task...Guudwagon.

Those are the things we have BEEN doing.  Let's look at the things we WANT to do.
1. Use it to deliver meals to youth this summer via S.O.S.  (Share our Strength)  because a lot of young kids only get to eat when they are at school.  We would like to be able to deliver healthy lunches to these kids over the summer.
2.  We are looking to outfit it with mobile Wi-Fi and computer access for those who do not have it.
3.  We will be selling coffee, ice cream, fruits, vegetables....etc. etc. from local producers and using part of the proceeds to go to charitable organizations.
4.  Whatever else we can come up with!  

Have ideas?  Let me know!

Social Entrepeneurism is the wave of the future for Non-profits.  The idea is simple.  We will no longer ask you for your money, we will earn it.  Imagine some of the largest Fortune 500 companies acting as for profit businesses, but giving their profits to charitable organizations.
This past week has seen devastating tragedies in the Pacific, and people have begun to mobilize to help.  Still, if there were companies solely dedicated to earning money for these instances, wouldn't it be a lot simpler?  a lot more immediate?  Guudwagon is a start!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brunches, Movies, Good Times, Good Causes

On Saturday, April 2, 2011 we will be screening Miss Representation, a powerful new film by Jennifer Seibel Newsom that shows how the role of women in the media needs to change in order to give our daughters a more positive view of what they can be.  We will be showing it at Youngblood Art Gallery at 632 N. Highland ave. at 7 pm.  This is a small showing.  Food and beverages will be served. Please donate at the right to attend.

We have a Brunch on the Beltline on the March 19, 2011  (  Sponsored by Dreaming Cow Creamery.

The Hunger Games begin on April 1....(

We have a lot going on in the months of March and April and we hope that you wil join us for some of these events.  The profits and proceeds will be going to some great causes.

 Please join us!