Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miles to go...

We have set the goal for the Nationwide Bike Ride at $3400 by May 1.  Basically, it is a dollar a mile.  I hope to exceed this amount by leaps and bounds and be able to make contributions to some really great and needy causes.  The basic theme of this and every other endeavor that we do, is that we are all in this together.  Each cause is staffed by workers and volunteers who truly want to make a difference in the world and everyone needs as much help as they can get.  We have miles to go!  As of this writing, we have received $12 in donations, starting in Charleston, SC, that puts us in N. Charleston about 12 miles away.  Every dollar given gets us one mile closer to Seattle!

Causes we support (so far):
Seattle Childrens Hospital

Please give so that we can make this ride!
Take a moment and click on the Paypal link at the right and help us get a few more miles down the road!
Tell us about a cause you support and that you would like us to help bring awareness to!


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